Gumball Rally 2017

Drive to Fight Against Cancer: Gumball 2017

V6, V8, V12, steel and rubber on asphalt, gleaming cars screaming across the road like candied bullets shot through a machine gun rifle. A fleet of cars come together last April 2016 under the banner of Junior Chamber International (JCI) Alabang & JCI Lipa to conquer a common enemy. An enemy so insidious, that it preys on even children. Children whose call could not be ignored by JCI Alabang and JCI Lipa, children who needed help fighting for their very lives against a lethal foe… Cancer.

In the 2016 Gumball edition, a rally of cars and participants banded together to support Cancer Warriors Foundation of Batangas. From Alabang, they all drove to Summit Point Golf & Country Club Lipa to have a brunch and enjoy the program. Cars that were part of the rally: A Lamborghini and a Stingray, BMW Z4, Porsche Carrera S, Audi R8, Mercedez Benz C Class, along with the BMW E36 club and Altis Club.
The project was featured TV Patrol Southern Luzon and was televised later that week. The project was also covered by C! Magazine. The awareness for the advocacy of Cancer Warriors (i.e., curing children with cancer) was heightened among the 75 participants and the two JCI chapters, JCI Alabang and JCI Lipa.

JCI Alabang and JCI Lipa invite all car enthusiasts to this year’s Gumball 2017 on July 23, 2017, Sunday. The starting point will be in Petron SLEX and together we will drive to Summit Point Golf and Country Club, Lipa. The assessment fee is P1,000 per participant which includes brunch and a limited-edition Gumball 2017 shirt. If you want to participate, feel free to contact the project chairman, JCI Alabang Director Arfie Sta Maria at 0977-830-0977.

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