JCI Radio guesting JCI Alabang Paranaque Pambato Perlas Pasay Marilao Marilag

JCI Radio Guesting – Leading Teams in Goal Setting and Meeting Objectives

Last January 4, 2015, JCI Alabang President Aimee Flordeliza was a guest of JCI Radio Philippines to discuss their experience in leading teams to set goals and achieve objectives. She, along with fellow Batch Legacy presidents JCI Paranaque Pambato President Ian Esta, JCI Perlas Pasay President Maje Gallevo-Bambo, and JCI Marilao Marilag President Ayessa Pascual, were interviewed by JCI Makati Vice President Ernest Hernandez, the show’s host.

Thank you to JCI Radio Philippines for the opportunity to share our thoughts on leadership and goal setting.

JCI Radio is a weekly radio program in DZEC 1062 AM, hosted by sportscaster and JCI Makati Vice President Ernest Hernandez. It is a show discussing JCI related topics.

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