Rotary Club of Alabang and JCI Alabang meets

Meeting with the Rotary Club of Alabang

Last Feb 27, JCI Alabang met with the Rotary Club of Alabang President Dante Fajardo in UCC Cafe Terrace in Westgate Alabang. 

JCI Alabang was represented by President Aimee Flordeliza, Director for Business RJ Paguyo, Director for Recruitment Miguel Carandang, and Director for Government Affairs Pat Bocobo. Dir Pat Bocobo is also a member of the Rotary Club of Alabang.

It was a good morning chat over the similarities in the advocacies of JCI Alabang and the Rotary Club of Alabang. Both parties agreed that they can support each other’s events and discuss future collaboration.

It was interesting to note that Dir Miguel’s father is also a Rotarian. 


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