Startup Training Trainers

Startup Training Series

Last Jan 10, 2015, JCI Alabang, JCI Paranaque Pambato and JCI Paranaque Asinderas held the Startup Training Series. It was day participated by 31 JCI members.

Thank you to all the trainers who spent their Saturday with us to impart with us their knowledge and JCI experience. 

Thank you to all the participants from JCI Alabang, JCI Paranaque Pambato, JCI Paranaque Asinderas, JCI Makati, JCI Makati Princess Urduja, JCI Manila, JCI Pateros Balut, and JCI Noveleta Asin.

We hope that you get to apply your learnings not just in your JCI chapters but also in your regular work and life. 

This training was hosted by JCI Paranaque Pambato, JCI Alabang, and JCI Paranaque Asinderas.

JCI Parliamentary Procedures by JCI Secretary General and Sen Dennis Cunanan (JCI Magalang Mekeni)
JCI Protocols and Decorum by EVP Xialen Antonio (JCI Makati Princess Urduja)
JCI Achieve by VP Ernest Hernandez (JCI Makati)
JCI Impact by Dir Carlos Melad (JCI Manila)

Venue: Servequest Bldg, Paranaque
Date: Jan 10, 2015 


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