2019 Induction Speech | KC Ang – Immediate Past President

Magandang Gabi po sa inyong lahat.

If you told me 5 years ago I’d be leading this prestigious organization, I would have told you, you must be crazy. But here i am today standing in front of you delivering my final speech as your 2018 President. It was almost the same time last year, when i gave my heartfelt commitment to continue on the legacy of JCI Alabang. I knew it was going to be a huge responsibility but i took all the expectations, hesitations, and all learnings to heart, and accepted the challenge.

When they say, one year to lead is not a race, that it’s a marathon — they are actually stating a fact. The presidency felt like running a 42 km marathon all over again. Let me give you a brief background. It was 2017 when i ran my first marathon with my good friend, the very dedicated but equally crazy and impulsive running partner, RVP Aimee Flordeliza. I’ve always believed it impossible for me to run 42 freaking kilometers. I was scared I might not finish the course. I remember, I couldn’t feel my feet, my calves were cramping up, and i was only at the 26 kilometer mark. There’s still 16 kilometers of hell left to run. I kept asking myself, bakit ko ba ginagawa to, asan na ba ang finish line?

Despite this, we ran through the cramps and knee pains, closed our eyes and prayed for strength and endurance, and jogged on. And not long after 6 gruelling hours and 38 minutes,  with tears and sweat mixed on my face and only by the grace of the Almighty, i managed to cross that sweet sweet finish line.

So why did i do it? Aside from a moment of sheer insanity, it was also because i wanted to conquer my fears, and see how far i can go. I did it because i wanted to crush my own perception of impossible.

In the same sense, there are many times in the course of my presidency I’d get asked, ano ba yan JCI, bakit ka nagpapakahirap dyan? I’d reflect and worry on how much work i need to catch up on, or how much sleep I’ve lost, or how much time i’ve spent away from my family or how much expenses i’ve incurred. I would find myself asking, bakit ko ba ginagawa to?

During my speech last year, I confessed that i never really dreamed of becoming President. I simply thought it was impossible for me to do it. But there was one reason that made me change my mind: and that is If only i could inspire someone and change his life, then all these sacrifices would have been worth it.

When they say, one year to lead is not a race, that it’s a marathon — they are actually stating a fact. The presidency felt like running a 42 km marathon all over again.

As i watched the video shown earlier, i realized that that video contained the answers to the question, bakit ba natin ginagawa to dito sa JCI…

It is for the little blind kid in Tanay Rizal, who was happily pushing a toy stroller he can never see.

It is for the Got Heart cerebral palsy patients who could barely move but smiled and even tried to dance to our zumba songs.

It is for the street child in Haven who only slept on cut out plastic barrels as his makeshift bed, who only longed for a good night sleep.

It is for the smallest of enterprises in Angat Pinoy, who wanted to catch a break, or be mentored by business leaders.

It is for those who are badly in need of blood donations, whose lives will now be saved thru Share a Life.

Yes, 2018 was taxing, most stressful, most expensive year of my entire life, but it was also the most inspiring, the most enduring, the most fulfilling. The past year has given me many realizations. Allow me to share with you my top 3:

1)   First, dream the impossible. Angat Pinoy Business Expo was a project that seemed impossible at first for a small chapter like ours and San Juan Dambana. It was a project that costs more than we have ever fund raised in a year. It called for the active participation of the 100% of the members and needed a huge support from the area. For us, this project was massive. But I clearly remember PP Vicky saying, “Let’s make this so big, it will be impossible to fail.” Now I can say, kasalanan lahat to ni Vicky. I mean, now i can say the rest is history. So do not fear the impossible, dare to dream it and dare to make it possible. As Nelson Mandela once said, “It always seems impossible until it’s done.”

2)   Second, do not be content. We live in a country where hunger and poverty coexist with extreme wealth, where corruption is a norm, and destitution is an accepted reality. Let us not be content with where we are, because this is not a place we want our children to live in. Let us not stop at the finish line because our one year to lead has ended, but instead, ask ourselves, are we doing enough in JCI? Are we still following the real vision mission of our organization? How can we reach out to more people? How can we create long lasting and sustainable change? There is still a long way to go in this marathon. It is our duty to keep on marching forward together. It is our responsibility, not just as JCI Members, but as Filipinos, to become catalysts of change.

3)    And finally, do not wait for the right time to give. In the many comdev projects we’ve spearheaded, like Got Heart medical mission or Bags to school, I always hear people saying, “Ma’am thank you. Kelangan na kelangan namin to.” I realize that there are many people in need, and someone right at that very moment has prayed for the blessings we share. Let us not wait until we are leaders of JCI. Let us not wait till we are successful or til we are rich or til we are learned. Because somehow, someway, the time you spend, the resources you share, or the knowledge you impart will always be important or needed by somebody somewhere. As Ralph Waldo Emerson said, “you cannot do a kindness too soon, because you never know how soon it will be too late.”

JCI Alabang 2018 was a remarkable year, a year filled with struggles, emotions, frustrations, but it was also colored by triumphs, camaraderie, breakthroughs and recognition. Allow me to recognize groups and individuals who became instrumental in the year that was.

To our partner companies and charity organizations, Haven for Children, AHA Learning Center, Haven for Women, to name a few… Thank you very much for trusting JCI Alabang. It is ingrained in the core of JCI to provide service to humanity. Rest assured, we will never tire of supporting your foundation.

 To our sister chapters, who were led by my batchmates, the hardworking 2018 Infinity presidents…

  • JCI Angeles City Culiat led by Pres Atoy Tayag

  • JCI Ortigas led by Pres April Soriano

  • JCI San Juan Dambana led by Pres Colleen Caswell

  • JCI San Juan Pinaglabanan led by Pres Rikki Mathay

  • JCI Lipa led by Pres JR Mitra

  • JCI Cebu Inc led by Pres Arman Baruel

  • JCI Kadayawan led by Pres now RVP Desi Subido

And also to our mother chapter,

  • JCI Manila led by Pres Jop Esquivias

JCI Alabang 2018 was a remarkable year, a year filled with struggles, emotions, frustrations, but it was also colored by triumphs, camaraderie, breakthroughs and recognition. Allow me to recognize groups and individuals who became instrumental in the year that was.

More than a piece of paper, it is the true and genuine friendship we’ve established and common values we have shared that make this a successful partnership. It is our honor and privilege to have worked with you for the past 12 months and we will continue to actively pursue positive change with all of you.

To our Area 2 family, led by Area Vice President, now NED, Cons Ignacio, and Metro South Family led by RVP Kap Montu Lising, for always generously giving your support to JCI Alabang. I am very honored to have served under your term. Thank you very much.

To my batchmates, the Infinity Presidents, to your BOD and to your chapter, congratulations. Hand in hand, we all made it to the finish line. Give yourselves a huge pat on the back! No, scratch that. Go to a spa, have a massage, go pamper yourself — because you deserve it. Time to regain sleep, go back to work, and time to catch up on all our lives. Hemingway once said, it is good to have an end to journey toward, but it is the journey that matters in the end. It was an honor and a pleasure to have run this JCI Marathon with people who were strangers at the beginning but became my family at the end.

To the Batch Siklab presidents, many congratulations on your one year to lead. It is a journey of a lifetime, one that would take you to many places, introduce you to many people, teach you many lessons, improve you in more ways than one. Will it be easy, nope, definitely not! But will it be worth it, ABSO-FREAKIN-LUTELY.

To the Past Presidents of JCI Alabang, Sen. Ricky Ocampo, PP Vicky Martinez, RVP Aimee Flordeliza, RVP RJ Paguyo, PP George Flordeliza — You were all a tough act to follow, but I am blessed and touched to have you all by my side all throughout the year. RVP RJ once told me, the Presidency will go by so fast, I wouldn’t even notice. Oh I noticed! I felt every hour, every day, every month. But you were right, when i look back at those moments, i see how far along we have gone. JCI Alabang would not have been here if it weren’t for all of you.