Star Wars Block Screening by JCI Alabang

JCI Alabang Star Wars Block Screening

Last December 19, 2015, JCI Alabang Star Wars hosted block screenings of Star Wars: The Force Awakens in Commercenter Cinemas, Alabang.  This project was done to fund projects in Haven for Children and other Community Development Projects.

There were two screenings that were patronized by Star Wars enthusiasts from Alabang and the nearby communities.  Darth Vader, Princess Leia, Kylo Ren, a Storm Trooper, and a Jedi graced the event.  GCs from Detoxify Bar, Coco Hut, Army Navy were given the moviegoers. Toys were given by Kramer Toy Warden.

Special shoutout to the JCI chapters who supported our project!

The event was supported by Kramer Toy Warden (Festival Mall), Unimagna Philippines, La Vie Institute, RCBC, Army Navy, Coco Hut, Detoxify Bar, It’s ‘Bout Time, and Shell

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