JCI Alabang x Ortigas GMM

Joint General Membership Meeting – JCI Alabang and JCI Ortigas – January 2016

Last January 21, 2016, JCI Alabang and JCI Ortigas hosted a Joint General Membership Meeting in Palms Country Club, Alabang.  In this evening, Innovations and Investment were tackled.  This evening was also the night the two JCI Local Organizations, JCI Alabang and JCI Ortigas formalized their twinning agreements.  The twinning agreement was witnessed by JCI Metro Area Vice President Bong Quiroga.

Innovation and Impact by Impact Hub MNL’s Liza ANdrea Kuster
2016 Investment Outlook by Mr Luis Limlingan of Regina Capital
Introducing the JCI Advantage by National Chairman Vicky Martinez
Twinning Ceremony of JCI Alabang and JCI Ortigas

Jan 21, 2016 – Palms Country Club, Alabang, Muntinlupa, Philippines


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