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JCI Philippines Advantage Circular No. 1 (click to read the first official circular on JCIP Advantage)


JCIP Advantage Letters to Companies

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JCIP Advantage Partnership Agreement

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JCIP Advantage Company Profile

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As of Feb 5, 2016



1) What is JCI Philippines Advantage (JCIP Advantage)?

JCIP Advantage is a privilege card for members of JCI Philippines for 2016. The privilege card entitles the card holder to discounts and other benefits to partner establishments of the JCI Philippines. It enables a win-win partnership between JCI members and companies by providing more customer experience and benefits, such as discounts, to JCI members and helps promote the company nationwide and generate patronage.


2) How can companies be part of JCIP Advantage?


Approach Companies. JCI Local Organizations (LOs)/chapters and the JCIP Advantage Team will approach the different companies.  Once the LOs and companies understand and agree on the terms, discounts/freebies to be given, the JCIP Advantage Partnership Agreement will be prepared by the LO.  You can use the JCIP Advantage Letter to Companies (download the latest version above).

Signing of the JCIP Advantage Partnership Agreement and payment of fee. The companies sign a JCIP Advantage Partnership Agreement (download the latest version above) with JCI Philippines and these will be shipped to JCI Philippines HQ.  The LO will pay the P1000 enrollment fee.  Once the MOA is notarized and the payment is confirmed, the company is considered enrolled to the JCIP Advantage.

JCIP Advantage Marketing Collaterals and Company Listing. All successfully enrolled companies will be given the materials for the JCIP Advantage Cards such as the JCIP Advantage cashier stands, posters and stickers for their participating stores or outlets. The companies are also entered into the system of the JCIP Advantage cards (website, social media, database, etc) for the promotion and patronage of JCI members.


For Companies

1) What are the advantages for the companies if they enroll to JCIP Advantage?

We can provide instant and constant brand recognition nationwide. JCI Philippines is composed of over 200 LO/chapters from Luzon to Mindanao and has over 8,000 registered members in 2015 and a network of more than 40,000 JCI Alumni in the Philippines who may directly or indirectly see and patronize as well the partners of JCI.  They will have the advantage of being the “top of mind” brand for JCI people.


2) How are the companies promoted to the membership?

The JCIP Advantage card will have the following mediums of promotion


3) How can Companies enroll to JCIP Advantage?

Companies can enroll to JCI Advantage through the JCI Local Organizations.  Likewise, they may also send their interest to participate to [email protected] and address to Victoria J. Martinez, National Chairman of JCIP Advantage Card.


4) What are the criteria for companies to enroll to JCIP Advantage?

JCIP Advantage would like to attract and retain quality companies for its membership. Criteria are as follows:

  • (1) Company tapped must have at least 10 outlets participating that will give discounts and privileges to JCIP Advantage cardholders.
  • (2) Company tapped must be able to give at least 10% in discount to JCIP Advantage cardholders.
  • (3) Must sign at least 2 year commitment with JCI Philippines’ JCIP Advantage Card for promos, freebies and discounts.

Companies that have more participating outlets, better discounts and longer partnership commitments with JCI Philippines will be given more priority and mileage to the members of JCI Philippines.


5) If the company that doesn’t fit the criteria can they enroll to JCIP Advantage?

Yes, JCIP Advantage can still accept them. At the end of the day, we want to give value for JCI members, we also want to expand our company network and encourage entrepreneurship in the country.  However, 1.) Priority will be given to companies who will meet the said criteria 2.) There will be no credited points for this for the Local Organization for companies enrolled in the JCIP Advantage 3.) They still need to pay the P1,000/company.

6) How does the Criteria (1) Minimum of 10 outlet work?

  • Example (1) Company A owns 2 brands: Brand A1 has 9 stores and Brand A2 has 1 store.  They enrolled it under 1 Partnership Agreement under Company A. The listing fee is Php 1,000 for the 2 brands and they have 1 JCIP Advantage Partnership Agreement. 10 outlets credited.
  • Example (2) Company B owns 2 Brands: Brand B1 has 9 stores and Brand B2 has 1 store. They decide to enrolled them separately. The listing fee is Php 2,000 for 2 companies, Company B1 and Company B2 and they have 2 different JCIP Partnership Agreements. 9 outlets credited and 1 outlet credited separately.

Both treatments are acceptable. It is up to the Chapter and Company to decide how they would like to enroll in the JCIP Advantage Program.

7) What companies are not allowed to be take part in the JCIP Advantage?

Tobacco companies, Contraceptive products, Motels, Strip clubs and similar establishments are not allowed to be part of JCIP Advantage.


8) How about the JCIP Advantage cards signage for the companies? How is it going to be distributed?

They will be distributed to the LO/chapters through the Area Chairmen of the JCIP Advantage Card.



Enrollment of Companies per LO/Chapter

1) Where do I get the template for the JCIP Advantage Partnership Agreement?

The Partnership Agreement will be distributed to the LO/chapter presidents.  They are also requested from the JCIP Advantage Team:

National Chairman – Victoria Martinez – [email protected]

Area 1 Chairman – (to be appointed)

Area 2 Chairman – KCAng (JCI Alabang) – ac2jcipadvantage@gmail.com

Area 3 Chairman – Melvin Dimaculangan (JCI Lipa) – [email protected]

Area 4 Chairman – Rod Limpot (JCI Mandaue) – [email protected]

Area 5 Chairman – Ana Friza Borcena (JCI Macajalar 24K) – [email protected]


2) Who can sign the JCIP Advantage Partnership Agreement (PA)?

For companies that meet 3 out of 3 of the minimum criteria, or a company included in the Top 1,000 corporation (main office) – Any of the National Board | Area Vice President must sign the PA.

For companies that meet 2 out of 3 of the minimum criteria, the RVPs or Area Chairman up, can sign.

For companies that meet 1 out of 3 minimum of the minimum criteria – The Local Organization President can sign.


3) How will the enrollment fee of P1,000 be paid?

Step 1: You may deposit it at the JCI Philippines bank account:


Junior Chamber International Phils., Inc. (Savings)

Account Number: 002010233642


Step 2: please write on the deposit slip the ff:

Company Name

Local Organization/LO/chapter

Step 3: Take a picture and email it at [email protected] with the subject head: PAYMENT – Company Name – Deposit Slip date (Example: Payment-ECGAS-20160125)

4) How many JCIPEA points is it per LO?

Before March 31, 2016

25 points if 3 out of 3 of the minimum criteria were met on or before March 31, 2016
20 points if 2 out of 3 of the minimum criteria were met on or before March 31, 2016
15 points if 1 out of 3 of the minimum criteria were met on or before March 31, 2016
Maximum of 50 points per Chapter

April 1 – September 15, 2016

20 points if 3 out of 3 of the minimum criteria were met on or before Sept 15, 2016
15 points if 2 out of 3 of the minimum criteria were met on or before Sept 15, 2016
10 points if 1 out of 3 of the minimum criteria were met on or before Sept 15, 2016
Maximum of 50 points per Chapter.



5) What if I have 6 or 7 Companies that fit the criteria? Will our LO get more JCIPEA Points for that?


We encourage every LO/chapter to submit as much companies as they can.  Unfortunately, we can only credit a maximum of 50 points. Please note that it also goes back to your members and JCI Philippines, all the privileges given by the companies that you signed.


6) Can we still get companies year round? What if a company wants to join in June 2016 or November 2016?


Yes, companies can still join and they will be updated in the database and website of JCIP Advantage Card.  For the crediting of JCIPEA points, all enrollments until September 14, 2016 will be part of the 2016 JCIPEA Scorecard.


JCIP Advantage Card Usage

1) For the members how do we use the JCIP Advantage Card?

JCIP Advantage Card is given to 1.) Members who paid their JCI membership dues on or before March 31, 2016 and 2.) Registers online their name and information at www.jci.org.ph.


2) If I don’t log in or use the website I don’t get the advantage Card?

You will not receive the full benefits and information of the JCIP Advantage Card. In addition, it will be harder for the JCI Philippines to track its JCIP Advantage card performance, thus we need the cooperation of each member so that we may continue this Program efficiently and effectively.


3) Where can I find the list of companies and their discounts?

You will soon find them at www.jci.org.ph(soon to launch), www.jcipadvantage.com (soon to launch), or at www.facebook.com/jcipadvantage . Promos and announcements will also be through the said sites.


4) What if an outlet or partner store does not recognize my JCIP Advantage card?

If an outlet store does not recognize the JCIP Advantage card it may be because of several reasons such as new staff. If you come across this, please send a message to [email protected] and indicate the time, date, complete name and address of the said store and the issue.  The JCIP Advantage team will check if they have an active participation in the JCIP Advantage card and remind them of their agreements.


5) In our Area where can I ask more info about the JCIP Advantage Card?

You may ask your Area Chairman for more info about the JCIP Advantage Card or you can visit www.jcipadvantage.com (soon to launch), www.facebook.com/jcipadvantage


6) How are the JCIP Advantage cards going to be distributed?

The JCIP Advantage cards are distributed within 45 days of the March 31, 2016 deadline either through 1. Area Vice Presidents, 2. Pick up at JCI Philippines, or 3. Courier to Local Organization Presidents (Regions).