JCI Philippines uses a lot of abbreviations that will make any new member confused.

We prepared a short list that can make you less confused and be more confident when attending JCI gatherings.

People and positions
WP – World President (to be technically correct, he/she must be addressed as JCI President)
SG – Secretary General (must only be used by the JCI Secretary General)

NP – National President
NEVP – National Executive Vice President
NT – National Treasurer
NSG – National Secretary General
NC – National Chairman
ND – National Director
GLC – General Legal Counsel

Area and Regional
AVP – Area Vice President
ASec – Area Secretary
ATD – Area Training Director
ADC – Area Development Councilor
AAC – Area Awards Chairman
AC – Area Chairman
AGLC – Area General Legal Counsel
RVP – Regional Vice President
RSec – Regional Secretary
RTD – Regional Training Director

Local Organization
LO – Local Organization (commonly known as chapter)
Pres – President
EVP – Executive Vice President
Sec – Secretary (Secretary General is only limited to JCI Secretary (World Position) and National Secretary General).  All others are should only be Secretaries..
VPI – Vice President Internals
VPE – Vice President Externals
LTD – Local Training Director

ACF  – Active Citizenship Framework

JCIPEA – JCI Philippines Efficiency Awards

Temiong – The highest awards given to any chapter or project during the National Convention.  It is named after the founder of the JCI movement in the Philippines– Artemio “Temiong” Vergel de Dios.

Titan Awards – The highest award given to any project or local organization during the area convention for metro area. This is equivalent to Uno Awards of Area 1, Dangal Awards of Area 3, Quadro Awards for Area 4, and Gawad Mindanao Awards for Area 5.