A-Circles - Effective Communications

A-Circles: Effective Communication and Presentation Seminar

Manila, Philippines — Last April 29, 2015, JCI Alabang held its 3rd A-Circles Seminar at the Ayala Alabang Country Club with the guest speaker, Ms. Doreen Cooper, trainer and professional coach for leadership and communication. 

The seminar provided a venue not only to learn and develop presentation skills, it was also a platform for business networking with JCI members. 

JCI Alabang would like to thank the sponsors who made this event a success: Blue Cross Insurance, Toastmasters, Shell, EC Gas, BJ Marthel, G&W Clubshares, Emperador Inc, and It’s Bout Time.

Congratulations to the project lead, Director for Business, RJ Paguyo, Member Francis Jimenez, the Externals team and the Internals Team for a successful project.



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